Licensed Green Label Vehicle! 10 hours chartered service from Hokkaido (English Driver)
Location: Japan, Hokkaido
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4-18 seater type Private tour

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  • SEDAN or same level : Max. 1-3 pax plus 24 inch luggage x 2 — Per Vehicle
  • TOYOTA ALPHARD or same level : Max. 3-7 pax plus 24 inch luggage x 4 — Per Vehicle
  • TOYOTA HIACE or same level : Max. 7-8 pax plus 24 inch luggage x 8 — Per Vehicle
  • MINIBUS : Max. 9-18 pax plus 24 inch luggage x 15 — Per Vehicle
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All of our tour mini-bus we are using are "green label vehicle". Only "green label vehicle" is legally acceptable for tour purpose and will be covered by insurance. All our driver guides are both licensed tour guides and licensed "green label vehicle" drivers. provides you a safe, comfortable and memorable travel experience.

Staright ahead transfer right after your identity has been confirmed. Chartered service with no waiting time, the best choice for you to enjoy professional VIP services.


About "Green Label Vehicle":

In case of accidnet, passenger will be covered by insurance.

Strict rules and detailed procedures to obtain a licence. Price might be higher than vehicles with no licence but "Green Label Vehicle" is far safer.

Drivers have to obatin "Category II driving licence". Our drivers have all abtained this with over 3 years driving experience to provide professional and reliable services.

In Japan, the colour of licence plate among private use, business use, rental use are all different. "White Label Vehicle" are indeed illegal to be used for business and rental purposes. Therefore, you should not put yourself at risk and be aware of the licence of the vehicle you are using.


Product Description:

Service hours:8 hours within 08:00-20:00. Earliest starting time is 8:00am and latest finishing time is 20:00pm.

Pick up time: Our driver will compromise with you according to hotel location, tour plan, and your preference to decide the departure time.

Pick up localtion: The accommodation you reside or any specific point you prefer within Sapporo City.

Drop off location: The accommodation you reside or any specific point you prefer within Sapporo City.

Service Area: Hokkaido - Sapporo, Otaru, Lake Toya, Noboribetsu

How to use:

1. Guest could choose to visit any 2 cities: Between Sapporo/ Otaru/ Lake Toya/ Noboribetsu
2. Then choose 5 spots from below for visit according to the selected 2 cities
- Sapporo: Shiroi Koibito Park/ Red Brick Office/ Clock Tower/ Hokkaido Shrine
- Otaru: Canal/ Free walk at Sakaimachi Shopping Street/ Tanaka Sake Brewery Kikkogura
- Noboribetsu: Hell Valley/ Naturual Footbath/ Bear Park/ Date Jidaimaru
- Lake Toya: Mt. Usu Ropeway/ Sowa Shizan Bear Park/ Lake Toya side/ Sairo Observatory

3. We will send the information of driver to you via email 1-3 days in advance. Meanwhile, local customer service team will contact you  according to the contact information you provided, to ensure there is no change on pick up time and location.
4. If you need to change the pick up time or location (within service coverage mentioned above), Please contact at least 4 days in advance for arrangements.
5. Our driver will wait for you at your lobby and comfirm your identity by your booking name and contact number.


Limitations:Please provide number of passengers and baggages accurately to avoid insufficient space inside the vehicle. Suggested combinations are as follow:

1 ) The vehilcle used in this service is approved by the 'Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism' of Japan. Children have to be included in total head count. 

2 ) Limitations on passengers and baggages: Please refer to below information and provide us your combination rationally.


Vehicle Introduction: (Images are for reference only)

- SEDAN or same grade:1~3 people + 2 x 24 inch luggage

- TOYOTA ALPHARD or same grade:3~7people + 4 x 24 inch luggage

- TOYOTA HIACE or same grade:7~8 people + 8 x 24 inch luggage

- MINIBUS:9~18 people + 15 x 24 inch luggage

*Please notify in advance if guests have any large luggage such as luggage over 24 inch, ski eqquipment, baby car and golf eqqipment)

*All images are for reference only.



Except planning what to eat, where to go, transfer is also important to your journey experience. Private transfer will solve your traffic problem. Let see the recommendation from our customers.


  • Licensed Japanese driver
  • 8 hours vehicle usage fee (If passenger forfeit or terminate the tour by own wish, no refund will be offered)
  • Chinese and English translation support on tablet apps
  • Fuel charges, insurance, driver service charges
  • Highway Tolling cost, parking fee (Please pay in cash to the driver after the tour)
  • Passenger's accomodation, meal, entrance fees, local optional items and personal expenditures
  • Extra costs due to flight delay, strike, traffic, weather or other unavoidable factors
  • All other items not mentioned in the above "Included" sector


  1. Click Here for more product information.
  2. We will provide you the driver contact on the day before your departure date by E-mail. Please kindly check your mail inbox, including junk mail inbox. You are welcome to enquire directly to the driver.
  3. The local customer team will contact you within 24 hours in advance to confirm pick up details, and provide you with live translation service during the tour.
  4. If you need to change the pick up time or location (within service coverage mentioned above), Please contact at least 4 days in advance for arrangements.
  5. This chartered service can only cover within 8 hours usage. You may tailor-made your own visiting spots within usage period.
  6. If the actual travelling time exceeds standard coverage period of 8 hours/ over 20:00, passengers have to pay for overtime extra charge. The rate will be at JPY2000 / hour, less than 1 hour will be rounded up to 1 hour.  It will be collected according to local currency on that day directly by the driver if the extra charge applies.
  7. The actual price of the service may vary depends on the pick-up time, location, peak season, public holidays or any other factors. Customers would be informed before booking confirmation.
  8. The number of vehicles is subject to peak season, public holiday and other factors. Please make a reservation as soon as possible. The final order result will be sent to your email as soon as possible after confirmation from the provider.
  9. Please provide the number of passengers, number and size of baggages, hotel address and your tour plan for better arrangements.
  10. Children will be included in total head count. 
  11. If the sightseeing spots are not in best condition due to weather conditions, we do not accept this as a reason for cancellation or refund.
  12. If passenger forfeit or terminate the tour by own wish, no refund will be offered.
  13. Our company reserves the right to change, cancel or rearrange the itinerary and transportation according to the service provider, when the service being affected by any of the traffic, weather or other unavoidable factors.
  14. The actual transfer time will be affected by factors such as road conditions, weather and so on.
  15. Traffic congestion may occur especially during weekends, public holidays, summer holiday, etc.. If the actual dismissal if later than original schedule due to such reasons or any other unavoidable factors, we will not be responsible for any compensations resulted from late arrival to dismissal point.
  16. No prior notice would be made for any possible changes on pricing and terms.
  17. If any extra charge incurred (e.g. overtime wating service charges, etc.), you will be charged separately.
  18. Once order is confirmed, it can not be refunded. You can contact us for assistance if neccessary.
Warm Reminders
  1. The vehilcle used in this service is approved by the 'Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism' of Japan. It could provide you a safer journey.
  2. For your safety, fasten your seat belt when traveling.
  3. You are advised to purchase suitable travel insurance before departure.
  4. You are advised to pre-purchase your pocket wifi or SIM card to ensure means of contact.

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