Jinan Red Ginseng Spa, Jeonju Hanok Village One Day Tour (Myeong-dong/Dongdaemun Departure) by Travel Bear Korea
Location: Jeonju, North Jeolla, Seoul, Korea
Duration: Around 13 hrs

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天寒地凍去嘆返個鎮安紅蔘SPA就最啱喇,同一般SPA唔同,鎮安紅蔘溫泉,係以紅蔘、韓方成份配上陰陽五行原理嘅養生溫泉,選擇喺野外露天泡湯池Aqua Zone內,仲可以一邊欣賞馬耳山美麗絕景,望住對耳仔,享受頭寒足熱嘅溫泉樂趣!走訪2016年熱爆韓劇《雲畫的月光》取景地 - 全州韓屋村,喺呢個世界文化遺產入面感受韓國傳統文化,影韓屋、地道韓式刀削麵、追蹤朴寶劍同埋金裕貞嘅腳印。包來回車程,仲有養生、護膚嘅鎮安紅蔘SPA,一於跟住 travelwebsite.com 去全州玩!

Tour information

Around 13 hrs
Pickup time  
Dongdaemun 6:30 am or
Myeongdong Around 7:00 am
Pickup location  
Dongdaemun or
    6:30 am
    Pickup at Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station exit 14
    Around 7:00 am
    Pickup at Standard Chartered Bank Myeongdong
    Around 9:45 am
    Explore Jeonju Hanok Village (Slow City) 
    Around 11:00 am
    Lunch time - Eojoy Sliced noodles with dumplings
    Around 1:00 pm
    Enjoying Jinan Red Ginseng Spa 진안홍삼스파 (3.5 hrs)

    Available Facilities include:
    - 1F (Customer Lounge): Lobby lounge, Oriental medicine clinic, rest area, supermarket, Hangaram plaza, shower rooms
    - 2F (Multi Therapy Zone): Stone therapy, aroma therapy, sound floating, wind therapy, herb therapy, harmony therapy, bubble sense therapy, lounge, shower rooms
    - 3F (Aqua Zone): Sky garden, outdoor stage, hydro therapy, and aqua mind therapy
    Around 4:30 pm
    Back to Seoul
    Around 8:00 pm
    Dismiss at Dongdaemun or Myeongdong
    Tour End! Enjoy your trip!

    *The images and video are for reference only.


  • Jinan Red Ginseng Spa
  • Lunch - Sliced noodles with dumplings
  • Transfer fee
  • Driver, Chinese guide
  • Personal expenditure
  • Children are subject to the same pricing as adults.
  • Child under 3 years old is free of charge when accompanied by parents with no seat occupied and no meal provided. (based on the age on the travel date)
  • The minimum group size per departure date is 6. Single passenger can also participate.
  • No prior notice would be made for any possible changes on pricing and terms.
  • *If minimum departure group size of your selected departure date is not reached, we will inform you at least 4 days before departure.


  1. Click Here for more product information.
  2. Guests must wear a swimming costume and swimming cap. If you do not have one with you on the day of visit, you may rent or purchase one at the venue.
  3. Infants that are not toilet-trained must wear waterproof nappies before they enter the spa.
  4. All coaches used in this tour are covered by insurance. To enhance your comprehensive security, you are highly recommended to purchase suitable personal travel insurance. In case of injuries or casualties due to accidents or other unpredictable factors, our company and the service provider are only obliged to provide assistance and will not be liable for any compensation or responsibilities.
  5. Travelers are advised to following the guidelines and arrangements by the staff and consider factors like age, health condition, weather and details of the activity before participating.
  6. Pregnant women, women in menstrual period and people suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, cancer, leukemia or other infectious diseases, are not suitable for enjoying hot springs. If you have any questions, please refer to the advice of a doctor or a professional.
  7. Please arrive the pickup place at least 15 minutes in advance. Travelers who arrive late would not be allowed to change the itinerary or refund.
  8. Our company reserves the right to change, cancel or rearrange the itinerary and transportation according to the service provider, when the tour being affected by any of the traffic, weather or other unavoidable factors.
  9. The itinerary is subject to the final arrangement by the local staff.
  10. Once the trip is confirmed, it cannot be refunded. You can contact our company when necessary, and we would provide assistance asap.
Warm Reminders
  1. You are advised to purchase suitable travel insurance before departure to enhance your security.
  2. Please bring enough clothes to keep you warm.
Detailed Pickup Information

Myeongdong Pickup Point
1. 明洞站9號出口 渣打銀行門外集合  Standard Chartered Bank Myeongdong near Exit 9 of Myeongdong Station 

Go up to Exit 9 of Myeongdong station. You can find Standard Chartered Bank Myeongdong near the exit 9.

Dongdaemun Pickup Point
2. 東大門Good Morning City門口 Dongdaemun Good Morning City
(동대문 굿모닝시티 앞)

Go up to Exit 14 of Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station. You can find Dongdaemun Good Morning City near the exit.

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