Aiins Wold Night View, Yeongjongdo Seaside Rail Bike, Organic Strawberry Farm, Seagulls Feeding One Day Tour (Myeong-dong/Dongdaemun Departure) by Travel Bear Korea
Location: Incheon, Bucheon, Seoul, Korea
 Duration: Around 12 hrs
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Travel to Incheon, take a full journey of Yeongjongdo Rail Bike to pass along the picturesque scenery of Incheon Bridge. Visit organic strawberry farm and pick some huge, sweet strawberries on your own. Then, watch seagulls at Wolmido on a ferry is an exciting experience as seagulls follow the ferry to get fed by you. Pick fresh seafood in Incheon Complex Fish Market and taste them at seafood restaurants nearby complex. Enjoy the World night view in Aiins World consists of full of world cultural heritages and 68 world famous buildings in 24 countries as great photo zones for visitors to take pictures with as souvenirs from this theme park. This tour includes round-trip transfer. Guide will provide assistant of translation when you are in fish market and restaurant so you are free of language barriers. Let's travel to Incheon and Bucheon with!

Tour information

Around 11 hrs
Pickup time  
Dongdaemun 11:00 am or
Myeongdong 11:30 am
Pickup location  
Dongdaemun or
    11:00 am
    Pickup at Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station exit 14
    Around 11:30 am
    Pickup at Standard Chartered Bank Myeongdong
    Around 12:45 pm
    Strawberry picking (Everyone can take away 500g fresh strawberries and DIY 300g jam)

    DIY Strawberry Jam
    Around 3:00 pm
    Experience Rail Bike on Yeongjongdo Island

    Yeongjongdo Rail Bike is a 5.6km round-trip rail fun filled journey as you will get to pass along the picturesque scenery that the island could offer.
    Around 4:30 pm
    Seagulls feeding on the boat
    (Shrimp crackers included)

    Watch seagulls at Wolmido on a ferry is an exciting experience as seagulls follow the ferry to get fed by you

    Around 5:30 pm
    Dinner on your own at Incheon Complex Fish Market (Guide helps to translate and order)

    Around 8:30 pm
    Enjoy World Nightview at Bucheon Aiins World

    Aiins World lights up at night, creating a romantic and festive mood
    Aiins World consists of full of world cultural heritages and 68 world famous buildings in 24 countries including the seven wonders of the world, which are shrunk to 1/25th of the real size

    Around 11:30 pm
    Dismiss at Dongdaemun or Myeongdong
    Tour End! Enjoy your trip!

    *The images and video are for reference only.
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  • 500g Strawberry + 300g Strawberry jam per person
  • Rail Bike
  • Seagulls feeding (Shrimp crackers included)
  • Bucheon Aiins World Entrance Ticket
  • Transfer
  • Driver, Chinese guide
  • Personal expenditure
  • Dinner
  • Childen are subject to the same pricing as adults.
  • Child under 12 years old must be accompanied by at least one adult to join.
  • Child under 3 years old is free of charge when accompanied by parents with no seat occupied, no meal provided and activities fee excluded. (based on the age on the travel date) (There is only one free quota for each departure group)
  • The minimum group size per departure date is 4. Single passenger can also participate.
  • The tour guide will allotcate the seats of Yeongjongdo Rail Bike. (4-Seat Rail Bike provided) If customers want to reserve the whole railbike independently, please select upgrade option during reservation. (HKD 75 per seat) We would contact you directly and complete the reservation of upgrade option via online payment system.
  • No prior notice would be made for any possible changes on pricing and terms.
  • *If minimum departure group size of your selected departure date is not reached, we will inform you at least 4 days before departure.


  1. Click Here for more product information.
  2. All coaches used in this tour are covered by insurance. To enhance your comprehensive security, you are highly recommended to purchase suitable personal travel insurance. In case of injuries or casualties due to accidents or other unpredictable factors, our company and the service provider are only obliged to provide assistance and will not be liable for any compensation or responsibilities.
  3. Travelers are advised to following the guidelines and arrangements by the staff and consider factors like age, health condition, weather and details of the activity before participating.
  4. Please arrive the pickup place at least 15 minutes in advance. Travelers who arrive late would not be allowed to change the itinerary or refund.
  5. The tour will depart as usual under heavy rain.
  6. If the pickup time is being affected by traffic, rail bike service condition or other unavoidable factors, customers will be informed before departure. Our company reserves the right to change pick up time, and customers cannot request refund or compensation due to changes of pick up time.
  7. Our company reserves the right to change, cancel or rearrange the itinerary and transportation according to the service provider, when the tour being affected by any of the traffic, weather or other unavoidable factors.
  8. The itinerary is subject to the final arrangement by the local staff.
  9. Once the trip is confirmed, it cannot be refunded. You can contact our company when necessary, and we would provide assistance asap.
Warm Reminder
  1. You are advised to purchase suitable travel insurance before departure to enhance your security.
Detailed Pickup Information

Myeongdong Pickup Point
1. 明洞站9號出口 渣打銀行門外集合  Standard Chartered Bank Myeongdong near Exit 9 of Myeongdong Station 

Go up to Exit 9 of Myeongdong station. You can find Standard Chartered Bank Myeongdong near the exit 9.

Dongdaemun Pickup Point
2. 東大門Good Morning City門口 Dongdaemun Good Morning City
(동대문 굿모닝시티 앞)

Go up to Exit 14 of Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station. You can find Dongdaemun Good Morning City near the exit.

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  • fromNicole Mayprovide
    Posting date2018/02/20
    我們一家九口參加左 20/2 一日團 導遊蚊蚊帶我地摘士多啤梨,餵海鷗,食海鮮,仲有小人國 真係好正即刻介紹左朋友參與返期待下次再來蚊蚊很好 還要很美 �
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    KR-ICN-TUR 18005 你好,我哋6位想join 5⃣️🈷️22 日以上餵海鷗,🈶️團出發嗎?
  • fromChan/lai hanprovide 超讚! 對小朋友很好啊!
    Posting date2018/03/26
    這次同團有2架車,2位導遊哥哥和1位香港導遊小姐(蚊蚊),都對小朋友非常好﹑超友善,一直也逗著我女兒玩,女兒很喜歡他們,而且他們會講廣東話和普通話,很厲害,感謝你們! 士多啤梨是有機的,可以即食。踩單車頗曬,建議做好防曬保護。餵海鷗好大風,超多海鷗出現! 海鮮市場要人多才能share食物啊!
  • fromhui/ka man shoeiprovide
    Posting date2018/03/09
    請問如我們4個成人是想join5月18日的一天local tour, 最遲要幾時訂定?謝回!!
  • fromtravelwebsiteprovide
    Posting date2018/01/08
    你好 Keith Leung當然可以, 將有旅遊專員email聯絡你, 謝謝查詢
  • from樂Joyprovide
    Posting date2018/02/17
    16 join咗你地滑雪團, Ryan教得好, Thank you。 17 join餵海鷗團, 雖然海邊踩Rail Bike有d凍, 但係值得體驗嘅, 成日行程都安排得好好, 留言推介
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    Posting date2018/01/15
    今次帶父母去韓國, 選擇參加Local Tour是正確的, 帶他們體驗更多, 過程中領隊Megan有特意照顧兩位老人家, 十分感謝, 行程好好, 下次去韓國要再參加你們的旅行團
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    Posting date2018/01/07
    一行9位, 想3月參加, 如果包團出發可以嗎?