【travelwebsite.com exclusive.Professional Cantonese Instructor】Phuket Racha Island (Ko Racha Yai) Diving One Day Tour 
Location: Thailand, Phuket
Duration: Around 9 hrs


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  • Racha Island Diving Tour (with diving certification) — Per person
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What would you think of Phuket? Playing banana boat or enjoying snorkeling?
If you have already tried the above, you should never miss this tour! We will bring you to dive in Racha Island, one of the best diving destination in Asia. We have professional and charming coach, Nicole, to teach and guide you in Cantonese. Racha Yai is probably the most popular in the region for divers. With a sandy floor that gently slopes from only a few metres to abround 25 metres. It has a nice selection of reef fish situated in the shallows and good visibility it makes for the prefect training and beginners dive site. Let's go and experience the stunning beaches and unrivaled undersea world like the past Thai Royal Family did!


Pretty professional Cantonese diving instructor - Nicole Hartmann, 20 years old. "Life is better underwater" for her. When she first diving in 13-year-old, she fell in love with this sport. She had received the diving certification when she is just 17 years old. She is a professional MSDT -Master scuba diving trainer now. Nicole is of mixed Chinese-European ancestry and lived in Thailand. Mum born from Hong Kong. Dad is Austrian. She is a multilingual speaker who could speak Dutch, English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Thailand. Nicole is a cheerful and pretty girl. Besides, she has a nick name which is Devil Trainer. She is a part time lecturer in Prince of Songkla university with the Basic water safety module. She is a serious and conscientious trainer when she is having lessons. She would teach you the skills and knowledge of diving but what’s more she would ensure your safety when diving. She wanna bring you a pleasure diving journey.


Tour Information

Around 9 hrs, total 2 dives
Pickup time 
Around 7:00 - 7:15 am (depend on hotel location) 
Pickup location 
From your hotel in Phuket

Diving Site
Racha Island (Ko Racha Yai)
There are relatively less tourists compare with other famous islands in Phuket due to the late development. Racha Island can definitely provide you a luxury environment. The scenery of Racha Island will be memorable. You will have an opportunity to see the barracuda when you go deep diving.

Dive Spot of Ko Racha Yai
Difficulty : Easy
Depth : 5m - 25m
*For divers who have certification , we do have wreck here in Racha Island around 20m - 25m for divers to explore.


    Around 7:00 - 7:15 am
    Depart from your hotel in Phuket
    (Actual pick up time depends on the location of hotel)
    Move to the Chalong pier (around an hour by car), by boat to the Racha Island
    After arrival at Racha Island,  professional diving instructor, Nicole, will guide you to put on your diving equipment and explain the steps and schedule of the day. You could go diving after that accompany by our diving experts team (Chinese or English Instructors)

    Lunch time
    Enjoy your lunch on boat
    Nicole will arrange your second dive on this beautiful island

    Around 4:00 pm
    Return to your hotel
    Tour End! Enjoy Your Trip!

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  • Round-trip hotel transfer
  • Full range of dive equipment
  • Lunch on boat
  • Professional Chinese Diving Instructor
  • Insurance provided by diving operator (all participants must provide their full names as shown on their passport)
  • Personal expenditure
Additional cost
  • Depart from remote Hotel incurs extra charges for transfer. Individual private transfer for some remote areas include Mai Khao is needed. Extra fee and payment method will be informed before confirmation of booking.
  • Underwater Photography will charge $440 per group of 2
  • Minimum group size is 2 pax. Single traveler can also participate.
  • Travelers' minimum age is 10 years old. (based on the age of the travel date)
  • This diving tour open to all even you do not have a diving certification.
  • Please provide your height, weight and shoe size, and we would prepare appropriate equipment for you.
  • *If minimum departure group size of your selected departure date is not reached, we will inform you at least 4 days before departure.
  • No prior notice would be made for any possible changes on pricing and terms.


  1. Click Here for more product information.
  2. Participants will be required to sign a liability waiver and medical declaration form on the day of the experience.
  3. Our company reserves the right to change, cancel or rearrange the itinerary and transportation according to the service provider, when the tour being affected by any of the traffic, weather or other unavoidable factors.
  4. The pick up time may vary depends on the pick-up location or any other factors. Customers would be informed before departure. 
  5. The actual pick up time will vary depends on the traffic conditions, weather or other factor. If the car did not arrived after 15 mins of the pick up time, you could dial Emergency Telephone Number.
  6. Please arrive the pickup place at least 15 minutes in advance. travelers who arrive late would not be allowed to change the itinerary or refund.
  7. Travelers are advised to following the guidelines and arrangements by the staff and consider factors like age, health condition, weather and details of the activity before participating.
  8. Pregnant women, the elderly, children under 10, patients who recently had operation, or suffer from hypertension, diabetes or any special kinds of relating nose, heart or trachea, are not recommended to join.
  9. The itinerary is subject to the final arrangement by the local staff.
  10. Please take the anti-motion sickness pill at least 2 hours before boarding to avoid seasickness. Also, please prepare seasick medicine for emergency.
  11. Travelers should not travel on an airplane within 24 hours after diving, to avoid "the bends" (decompression sickness).
  12. Once the trip is confirmed, it cannot be refunded. You can contact our company when necessary, and we would provide assistance asap.
Warm Reminders
  1. You are advised to purchase suitable travel insurance before departure to enhance your security.
  2. Please fasten your seat belt to ensure your safety.
  3. Please bring sun screen or umbrella.
  4. Remember to bring swimwear, clothes for change, towels, sun screen, camera, sandal or slipper.
  5. Get adequate sleep before diving and make sure you are in the best of health.

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